Bio Science Facility Core [BSFC]

The BSFC provides an extraordinary suite of biological characterization capabilities, ranging from cells and tissues to whole animals




Bio Science

The BSCF supports the research activities of TiCER scientists by allowing access to cutting-edge cellular imaging modalities as well as physiological and molecular phenotyping technologies. This core exists to support research that integrates mechanistic understandings of environmental health risks along a continuum that ranges from in vitro to in vivo studies.Through the BSFC, Center members have streamlined and cost-effective access to state-of-the-art technologies, trainings, and services . These include structural and functional imaging of cultured cells, or organoid, spheroid, and organ-on-a-chip models; and whole animal physiological and molecular phenotyping technologies.

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Members of the BSFC Have A Track Record of

BSFC Scientists are:

  • Integrating analytical imaging technologies across biological scales from single molecule to population levels to identify, understand, and reduce adverse environmental health risks.
  • Generating spectral data bases for identification and spectral unmixing of toxicants and their metabolites.
  • Statistical image signal processing, modeling, and pattern recognition in biological systems.
  • Modeling and development of analytical tools for analysis of complex amplitude and frequency-encoded intracellular signals.
  • Developing customized software implementation for automation and analysis of new biological questions using commercial system design software.
  • Performing high-throughput, whole-animal metabolic and body composition measurements.
  • Conducting whole-animal imaging (ultrasound and endoscopic) with ultra-sensitive Speckle tracking.

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Examples of BSFC Technologies:


Transmission Electron Microscope


Zeiss 780

See below for a complete list of technologies offered by the BSFC

Core Members

Robert Burghardt
Principal Investigator
Bio Science Facility Core

Stressors to Response
Rola Barhoumi Mouneimne
Bio Science Facility Core

Stressors to Response
Alexandra Trott
Bio Sciences Facility Core

Stressors to Response

In Press

IHFSC members have published in some prestigious peer-reviewed journals.


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