What qualifications must I have to apply for TiCER membership?

All faculty and grant PI eligible members of Texas A&M University are eligible for membership. The primary qualification is interest and active research or community engagement in areas of interest to the National Institute for Environmental Health Sciences.

What are the benefits of TiCER Membership?

Members are provided preferred and opportunity to receive vouchers to access TICER core facilities.. Additionally, junior researchers are eligible to participate in career development programs. All members are eligible to participate in center activities, seminars, symposia, and networking programs to increase collaborations.

What is the deadline to apply for a Pilot Project?

There are two pilot deadlines each year, at the start of the fall and spring semesters. Announcements will be sent to everyone on the TICER list-serve and various distributions throughout Texas A&M University. If timely and unique opportunities arise, members should contact the TICER Director for special program support.

Is there a limit in funding for voucher approval?

Each voucher is evaluated on a case-by-case basis by the core director, so there is no set limit in funding.

What if I want to be involved in TiCER, but my research isn’t in environmental health science?

Only those whose research is in the areas of environmental health are eligible for membership. Others can attend seminars and symposia, and submit pilot applications to expand research into environmental health research.

How does the community benefit from TiCER’s activities?

Communities and their members have the opportunity to help direct areas of research that are of interest to participating communities. Additionally, TICER members are available to provide talks or community forums on research, outcomes, and impacts on health.