Theme: Environment and Metabolism

Understanding the Gateway to Poor Health


The mission of this theme is to study environmental exposures that both beneficially and adversely impact metabolic health. Dysregulated metabolic health is thought to be a gateway to poor overall health, especially for underserved populations. Investigators working in this area look into the phenotypic characteristics of metabolic syndrome and its downstream diseases by addressing unique environmental exposure susceptibilities faced by those with reduced metabolic health. The the theme provides an integrating node to encourage interactions and collaborations among scientists to understand and translate research on environmental contributors to metabolic syndrome, environmental exposures that disproportionately affect those with characteristics of metabolic syndrome, and interventions to reduce the negative impacts of metabolic syndrome and chronic inflammatory diseases.


    • TiCER scientists investigate links between the environment and metabolic syndrome. Several agents under study are suspected or known to contribute to the pathophysiological characteristics of metabolic syndrome:
      • obesity
      • elevated triglyceride levels
      • low HDL cholesterol levels
      • high blood pressure
      • high fasting glucose
    • Factors being studied by TiCER scientists include:
      • diet
      • endocrine disruptors
      • physical activity
      • behavior
      • the microbiota
    • TiCER scientists also investigate the role of environmental factors in specific diseases impacted by metabolic syndrome, including cancer and cardiovascular disease.





Dr. Susan Talcott is an associate professor in  A&M's Department of Nutrition and Food Science. Her research program focuses on translational pharmicokinetics and pharmicodynamics of dietary bioactive chemicals and how they contribute to a variety of diseases, including metabolic changes in host and intestinal microbiomes.


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Arul Jayaraman
Principal Investigator
Chem Science Facility Core

Environment and Metabolism
Susan Talcott
Research Theme Leader
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Environment and Metabolism
Clinton Allred

Environment and Metabolism
Robert Chapkin

Environment and Metabolism
Shaodong Guo

Environment and Metabolism
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